Insecurity in Madagascar

Insecurity remains a critical issue in Madagascar. The situation is getting worse day by day both in town and in the bush.

Historically, in rural areas, if theft of cattle was before considered as part of the culture of some communities and tribes of the great south and south-west of Madagascar ; in order to prove his worth, his strength, and his manhood to his future wife as well as to his future beautiful family, the young man must have stolen zebu with his band “Dahalo” in other remote communities ; it’s one of the great traditions. While today, the “Dahalo” become bandits no longer keep this practice for a simple tradition but really make it a criminal act – motivated by the bigwigs (civil or military) who are enriched by zebu trafficking in exporting them illegally. Not only do they steal zebus, but they also bring terrorism, killings and rapes.

A decade ago, there was almost never any armed robbery in urban or remote areas; there were small looting, theft of goods in the markets, robberies and theft of tools and appliances in the households, but the scale was smaller. Today, it’s the opposite! The kidnapping has even emerged and is growing year by year to turn to big caliber targeting the multimillionaires Malagasy and Indo-Pakistani owners and managers of large companies or economic operators.

Almost every day, newspapers report more than one case of banditry in various parts of the Big Island; small thieves in the neighborhood, passing by bush taxi attacks on national roads (RN7 RN4 RN2 RN1 RN34) to criminal acts and organized trafficking. The intriguing question is: “Why this worsening security in Madagascar just in a decade? “. There are many causes of this change: at first glance, poverty: about 80% of Malagasy people live in miserable conditions; thereafter the high unemployment rate supported by the lack of education because about 70% of Malagasy are illiterate and finally the handicap of the police in relation to the taking of responsibility and the obsolescence of their means.

In the emergency, the State, with all the organs of national security has put in place a drastic measure to control the insecurity so as not to put the whole country in danger, including also securing the tourism sector; and in the medium and long term, the only solution is the commitment of the state to implement a sustainable development policy for the effective eradication of poverty.

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