Taxi-bush in Madagascar

taxi-brousse madagascar - car rental car hire madaThe bush taxi represents a historical image of the big island and is directly the mirror of the reality and everyday life of “Malagasy people“. This public transport has not seen a real evolution since the beginning until now but only on the external aspect that is the change of the vehicles used according to the used cars market … from the Peugeot 404 and Saviem Super Goélette to the Minibus Mazda, Toyota, Sprinter and Crafter. Modified trucks serve the remote areas with difficult path. Special Organizations, parking, small markets nearby with hawkers everywhere of all ages are still the same. Nevertheless, bush taxis are the most convenient and cheapest means of transportation for the local travel of the Malagasy population and the most adventurous tourists for small suburban journeys of 20 kilometers up to more than 1200 kilometers for journeys regional and national levels.

From the largest cities to the smallest villages, bush taxis are still present everywhere in Madagascar; the whole island is covered from the north to the south, from the east to the west. The bush taxis are administratively managed, basically, in cooperatives (association of private actors in the field). For some years now, medium-sized companies have started to integrate into the field by offering professional services in private parking with commitment to quality, punctuality, comfort and safety. At the same time, the Malagasy State is making efforts to establish and standardize bush taxi parking starting from the capital – Antananarivo for national and regional areas.

The indicative rates for bush taxis, urban taxis and rentals are visible on the website of the EDBM :

The main cooperatives are : Vatsy, Sonatra, Sonatra plus, Cotisse, Besady, Besady plus, Soa trans, Fifimava, Fifiabe, Kotafita, Sotraco, Sometram, Kofibe,  Mami, CTVA, Trans tafita, Kofifi, Trans cristal, Fimpima, Kofiam, mada trans, safidiko, Kofmad, Fofimanga, Komafido, Sotrafa, Cotramad, Anjara trans, Kofisa, Trans jiaby, Trans bouhier, Cotrag, Trans tafita, Komi, CTPP, Cotransma, Sfidi-ko, Cotramady, Kofila, Kofito and hundreds more.

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