Car Hire in Madagascar

Car Hire in Madagascar

The car rental activity in Madagascar has been booming since 2010 mainly through the emergence of small private operators and small business service providers; In the formal as well as in the informal sector.

This is palpable, both in terms of taxis for the local transfer in the city – Ivato Airport (TNR) – Antananarivo and surrounding areas – whether approved or not, and on regional and national transfers (in provinces).
Indeed, the number of cars in circulation has increased considerably and above all has gained a higher range which has allowed independent individuals to gain market share in general in the car rental for families and tourists, as freelancers or subcontractors of professional rental agencies. Second-hand cars from France, Germany, Belgium, Reunion, Korea and Japan as well as new Chinese cars – from the generations 1998-2000-2002 to 2008 – have been imported a lot in recent decades and continue to cover the car market in Madagascar. We can cite :

  • City cars coming from Europe mainly from France and Germany, Japan and Korea: Dacia-Logan, Renault twingo -Clio, Audi, Volkswagen Polo-Golf, Suzuki, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia Pride
  • German and French sedans: Mercedes, Audi, Renault Laguna-Mégane, Peugeot 406-405, Volkswagen Passat …
  • French and Korean spaces: Renault Espace, Peugeot 806, Kia Carnival, All ranges of Hyundai – Starex, satellite, H1 – H200 … Toyota Sienna
  • Japanese SUVs: Nissan Y61-Y60, Toyota Hilux-Prado-Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi … the Pick up NP300, L200 …
  • SUVs: Hyundai Tucson, Renault Duster, Ford, Chevy, Honda, Mitsubishi
  • The Minubus: Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Sprinter, Hyundai county, Toyota Coaster

The major operators are always travel agencies and tour operators, dealers, and affiliated car rental companies international – European.

This steady improvement in the world of car rental in Madagascar has been fostered by the constant increase in the number of tourists visiting the island since 2010.

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